Twins Victory

There probably won’t be one tonight  since right now The Twins are down by 5 in the bottom of the 3rd in Anaheim. But I got to watch them win last Sunday at Target Field.

We stuck around longer than this, but this was the only picture that I took with my phone where the score was readable.

I had fun playing with the apps on my phone. Unfortunately the weather forecasters were wrong and there wasn’t any sun so the pictures are sort of grey.

I walked through both levels of the concourse before deciding what food to get. I ended up getting the giant smoked turkey leg from State Fair Classics.Two years ago, Men’s Health picked this as one of the best ballpark foods in the United States. That was two years ago.  It wasn’t as big as the turkey leg at the fair, but that didn’t matter since they weren’t cooked properly. They weren’t under-cooked, but the connective tissue wasn’t broken down and they weren’t very juicy.

After Jimmy finished my turkey leg, we had fun taking self portraits with our cell-phones.  I think Jimmy gets to watch more of the game when he goes with other people.

After the April A-Z challenge, I’m a bit worn out. I had a lot of fun and might even do it again next year. I’m still checking out the other blogs and it might take me until next year to get through them all!


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