Yogi Bear and Yellowstone National Park

I know that Yogi is a cartoon bear who lived in an imaginary park named Jellystone,  but every time I hear something about Yellowstone the first thing I think is “That’s where Yogi lives!”

I remember looking at pictures like these from National Geographic magazine

Photograph by Dean Conger
Photograph by Andrew H. Brown

more photos at National Geographic Classic Yellowstone Photo Gallery.

and watching this cartoon on TV.

Somehow the two memories were combined into something close to this article that was published the summer I turned 4. (You can double click on the images to make the article larger if you want to read it.)

images of article via Neato Coolville


3 thoughts on “Yogi Bear and Yellowstone National Park

  1. :-))) Bears are great. We have so many coming into neighbourhoods here because of development. Authorities end up shooting them, when they should be transporting them in to the interior. We are all against this, but they keep doing it. Why don't they just tranquilize them and harbour them until they get a few and then ship them up north a few hours? So sad. Perhaps they are doing this now with enough people complaining about killing them. We are on their turf and not the other way around. Enjoy your “Z” day and keep in touch with all best wishes. Happy writing, reading and blogging, love MoonWynd


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