Seashell Fossils in St. Paul

450 million years ago, much of the state of Minnesota was over 100 feet under salt water. One place where you can find fossils from this time period is at The Brickyard Area at Lilydale Regional Park in St. Paul.  This illustration from the Fossil Hunting Information Pamphlet, Welcome to Lilydale Regional Park, shows the types of fossils commonly found at Lilydale.

I really enjoy collecting seashells and thought it might be fun to collect some seashell fossils. But after doing some more research, I quickly realized it would be quite a different experience.

Before embarking on a fossil hunting expedition, amateur paleontologists must bring the right equipment. For your hunt, pack a geologist’s hammer, a magnifying glass and some protective goggles. Resealable plastic bags, containers lined with cotton, labels and pencils will be useful when fossils are found. Wear hiking boots to prevent your feet and ankles from being injured on rocky, steep terrain. A hat, sunscreen and bug spray protect your skin. A detailed map, GPS or smart phone can lessen the likelihood of getting lost. And don’t forget to bring a first aid kit, just in case. from Fossil Hunting in Minnesota by Lauren Griffin

Hemera Technologies/ Images

One not as relaxing or scenic.


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