Inside of Work Places

The New York Times has a photo gallery inside the Just Born factory in Bethlehem Pennsylvania where Peeps are made. I never realized that there are people whose job is to examine Peeps to make sure their eyes ended up in the correct place.

Eye Placement Guidelines

See 10 more pictures of the Peep making process at the link
 (via Neatorama)
A very different working environment is found at Etsy Hudson. Dogs are welcome. A pool table and hula hoops are available to relieve stress. See more pictures of the perks of working for the customer service division of Etsy at All Over Albany.

Vega the dog at Etsy
I wonder if any of the dogs jump through the hula hoops.
The office of Lego PMD in Denmark, where new products are designed,  is as much fun as playing with Legos. The slide can be used to get to meetings faster.
See more pictures of the Lego PMD office at co.Design.

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