Hunger Games Quizzes

I’ve read the trilogy twice, am eagerly awaiting seeing the movie for the 2nd time, and I like posting quizzes. What better for the letter H than quizzes relating to The Hunger Games! There’s quite a few quizzes out there, most I stopped taking after a couple of questions (anything about prom, choice between a knife, an arrow or camouflage, …).

I took Quibblo’s ‘Who Are You In The Hunger Games’ quiz. Five questions, none relating to my drinking habits, and this was the result.

Take the Quiz: Who Are You In The Hunger Games

The Character Quiz at the Unofficial Fansite of the Hunger Games Trilogy gave a vastly different result.

You can take the quiz for yourself or decide which character traits  you think apply to me or anyone else ( which determines the character) here.

At Forever Young Adult, a website for adults who like to read YA books, I discovered that my Hunger Games name is Rieless Skiptulip (I can’t remember the name of any of my English teachers from high school, so I don’t get a middle initial). Find out yours here.


One thought on “Hunger Games Quizzes

  1. I enjoyed The Hunger Games but not so much the sequels. Looking forward to the movie though!

    Nice to meet you, and I hope you're enjoying the Challenge!

    A to Z Challenge Host


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