Easter Photos

Ken and I all decked out for Easter (1964?).
We don’t look very happy, but at least we don’t look terrified like the children in these photos.
Awkward Family Photos

5 thoughts on “Easter Photos

  1. Very cute picture at the top! I have a few of the terrifying Easter Bunny photos of myself. I can't even imagine how that second picture is even a “Easter Bunny”, it looks like a Halloween monster.

    Keep it up, I will be back!


  2. You were very well accessorized for a three-year-old! Your own purse? Your mom is too funny. She must not have been able to resist it in the store. We have many of the same kind of unhappy photos from holidays and special occasions.


  3. Very cute picture of both you and Ken. I think you're well accessorized with the white purse and gloves…and the hat. We all had to have a hat for Easter Sunday in those days! You don't look too happy about it, though Maybe you were waiting for your Easter basket!


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