Dining and Remembering Desperate Dreamers

Last June I  posted some pictures and wrote about Jimmy and my drive from Reno to Lake Tahoe and Squaw Valley (see Northern California Record Snow Season), but I never got around to posting a description and pictures from the drive back to Reno.

As indicated by the title, we stopped and ate at Donner Memorial State Park.  There isn’t a restaurant there but located at Donner Memorial State Park is a campground of 154 sites and a day-use area along the lake with picnic tables, restrooms, a beach, fishing, and a lakeside interpretive trail that has 18 panels which discuss the natural and cultural resources in the area.

It really is a nice place for a picnic although it’s strange to be having a meal at a place honoring people who resorted to cannibalism and/or starved to death. A concise explanation of the story of the Donner Party is included in the park brochure.

Spring was just arriving when I took these pictures along the interpretive trail.
The Pioneer Monument was erected near the site of the cabins that gave shelter to members of the Donner Party to honor all who made the difficult trek across the western plains and mountains to reach California during the 1840s. 

Desperate Dreamers: the story of the Donner Party of 1846 is a documentary film script written by William N Lindemann.


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