Where you have lava tubes or limestone passage ways below the ground, occasionally a rare form of cave evolves – the ice cave. Strange, mysterious and often dangerous they are often difficult to get to and so not seen by huge amounts of people. See pictures from ice caves around the world at The Wonder of Ice Caves.

Eisriesenwelt is the largest system of ice caves on our planet. Located in Austria, detailed directions are provided from Salzburg. A bus service from Werfen is recommended for people unfamiliar with mountain driving.This may be the easiest ice cave to get to. First there is a 20 minute bus ride up the mountain, then a 20 minute walk from the parking lot to the beginning of this cable car.

The round trip cable car ride costs € 5.50 each way and takes about 3 minutes to travel the steepest part of the mountain. The estimated walking time is 90 minutes each way. Once you get to the top it’s another 20 minute walk to the entrance to the caves.

The cave tour cost is € 9.00. Photographs are not allowed, the reasons why are explained here (and it’s not to increase postcard sales). Dogs are allowed but not encouraged due to the number of steps

Lots more information and photos on the Eisriesenwelt  website. The caves are only reachable May – October.


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