Public Art in Loring Park

I took Angie to the Loring Park Dog Park yesterday. I never would have been able to find it with out the map from Scene from the sidewalk : a guide to public art in the Twin Cities by Glenn Keitel. It’s that small!

Robert Woodward’s Berger Fountain was easy to find though it was hard to get a photo with my phone because Angie kept tugging at her leash. We enjoyed walking around the park and through the gardens. Finally I spotted the next statue on the map. (You can click on the picture to get a better view).

“amid the trees you will find a statue of Ole Bull (#10) sculpted by Jacob H. Fjelde in 1897. Ole Bull was a Norwegian concert violinist who toured Minneapolis in the 1850s to the delight of the many Norwegians who immigrated to the small settlement that was then Minneapolis.” (You can click on the photo to get a larger view).

In the very small dog park are 2 works of art designed by Bill M. Baxley. There was one dog there when we arrived but he broke the rules and his owner told him “you know the rules, if you can’t play nice you have to go home”, leashed him and took him home. No other dogs showed up…

Dog Totem carved by Dennis J. Roghair, a chainsaw artist.

Bridge to Erewhon

I’ll probably take Angie to Loring Park again. She likes sniffing out new places and the gardens are really pretty. (I would have taken pictures but a bunch of volunteers were working in them.) I think we’ll skip that dog park in the future.


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