Northern California Record Snow Season

There has been so much snow this winter (and so late in the year) that not only did ski resorts stay open weeks later than normal this spring, in an unprecedented move, Squaw Valley announced that it will be open for skiing & snowboarding for the 4th of July weekend. There will also be a pool party, live bands and fireworks.

Jimmy and I were planning on going there May 16th, the day after we got to Reno,(not to go skiing but to ride the tram up the mountain and see the view) but there was a huge storm and hazardous conditions over Donner summit made the drive there impossible without chains. The roads cleared up by the end of the week so on Friday we headed to Lake Tahoe.

The Tahoe Meadows Interpretive Trail, described in the guidebooks as full of wild flowers in May, was closed.

We stopped at the lookout to get some pictures of Lake Tahoe.

Squaw Valley was open for what was to be the last day of skiing for the year.

The 1960 Winter Olympics were held there. There is a very small museum half way up the mountain. We took the cable car up and down the mountain. On the way up we were stuck in the middle of the car so I couldn’t get any pictures. My camera battery gave out so I had to take pictures on the way down with my phone.

The final part is very steep (on the way up it looked like we would crash into the cliff).


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