I’m Still Cancer Free

Yesterday I had my lungs x-rayed, had a bunch of blood tests and saw my oncologist. Everything is fine. If I only didn’t have to deal with MS, I’d be healthy.

I’m getting my haircut on Saturday and I’m trying to decide whether to get bangs. My hair curls and hangs down in front of my face and I’m sick of bobby pinning it back.

The only picture I could find of me with long hair and bangs is my passport picture from almost 20 years ago.

Looking at these pictures, I’m definitely one of those people who’s nose lengthens and looks more prominent with age. (A bunch of articles on the Internet state that the nose doesn’t grow as we age but the National Institutes of Health report on Aging Changes in the Face states that it does in some people.)


3 thoughts on “I’m Still Cancer Free

  1. Thumbs up on the check-up! I think bangs look nice on you I just read in a magazine that bangs cut just above (or even over) the eyebrows are most flattering, but I think over the eyebrows would be bothersome and get in your eyes. Ultimately you know what's comfortable!


  2. I've been struggling with the same bang dilemma myself. I finally decided to embrace the bobby pins and have been trying different ways to pull it back. I vote stick with the “no bangs” look (although that picture of you is darling). But not matter, hair grows back.


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