The End of an Era

Sony announced it will stop manufacturing and selling cassette Walkmans in Japan – after 30 years. Sony says the final lot was shipped to retailers in April this year, and once the last units are sold, there will be no new cassette Walkmans available anymore.

Until I read this, I thought Sony had stopped making Walkmans years ago.


6 thoughts on “The End of an Era

  1. This was an essential item for teenagers (like myself) back in the 1980's. The first one I had (a gift from Mom and Dad back in 1982) was pretty big and bulky, but I thought it was an amazing invention. Now, all these years later, the idea of using one seems absurd! At least pop music was MUCH better back then…


  2. That's funny. I was going through my pile-o-electronics this weekend and came across a tape player (Emerson, though). I was going to chuck them, but Bob suggested I keep them for a future Halloween costume. I don't think I even have any tapes…


  3. I don't think I could have lasted my first few years as an actuarial assistant without mine. (Data entry, FORTRAN programming, Lotus 123 worksheets…) Every Wednesday I'd go to Positively Fourth Street and buy 2 new albums and then tape them. When I left for Portland in 1998, my tapes took up almost half of my cube's upper storage.


  4. The cover fell off my first one, which stated that it was 'an essential component of modern life.' A pretty bold statement for a newer product (though I was little late getting on the bandwagon.) I still have that cover for my time capsule or a shadow box.


  5. I think Donna means 1988. Emily, I have many classic 80s cassette tapes if you need to borrow any. I can't seem to get myself to just throw them away. I keep thinking there will come a day in the future where they are valauable to a collector. But as far as I know, they're still worthless!


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