Bonneville Speed Week

A friend is racing this week so when I came across this video, I just had to post it. Every year in late August, over 500 competitors gather at Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats to test their own personal speed limits and try to break new records, competing in vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

His team, Salt-2-Salt is the owner of two Bonneville National Records
XF/BFALT — 114.149 MPH and XF/BGALT — 115.841 MPH.

The results from this morning

Morning Combo Record Runs

Vehicle Class Name Mile 2 Qtr Mile 3 Mile 4 Mile 5 Exit Comment
1112 E/CPS Avanti 4 David Jr. 132.442 140.404 142.976 short
1594 F/CFALT Salt 2 Salt 107.484 112.648 113.988
2220 J/BGT Bone Evil 95.775 98.215 99.297 short
3401 — No Data — 114.781 118.533 119.354
B-278 1000/A-G Stainless Steele Racing 174.289 178.165 178.552 179.121 178.767 179.004 long
B-1259 125/MPS-VF KTC Saline Madame 34.761 short
B-1602 250/A-F Corey Bertelsen 138.392 137.273 133.336 short
B-3413 50/A-PF Scott Guthrie Racing 52.337 short

Looking at the picture of their car, I’m amazed it goes that fast.


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