Paris Catacombs

I scan through a couple of hundred posts from other blogs most every day. Sometimes I click on the headline and read more. Such as 10 Most Scary and Weird Tourist Attractions in the World. The link ended up here because I have visited the 5th one – The Paris Catacombs. These attractions are described as thrilling the lovers of adrenalin and scary stories, who are willing to see something, from which normal tourists hastily run away.

If I had visited the cities where the other 9 are located I probably would have visited more of them….

I spent a few days in Paris 18 years ago. I didn’t go to the top rated site, the Louvre. The lines were so very long. (I did go to sites 2-10 on’s list of Top Paris Sites and Attractions.) I also went on the The Paris Sewers Tour. I was reading Les Misérables at the time. A couple of weeks later I saw it performed in London.

Note: the photos are mine. I like them better than the photos on the web.


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