Demolition Dog

Angie is our demolition dog. Hopefully she’ll grow out of it, but at 15 months she still may go after anything within reach and chew it up. She’s a good jumper so that includes things on middle of the kitchen table, on shelves up to 3 feet high…

Her head is through the hole she chewed in my new (not even washed) t-shirt that I bought to support the potential Kingfield Dog Park. It was sitting on the piano bench. Behind her is a chewed up work glove.

She has also destroyed the cover to my HP-12C but thankfully did not touch the calculator. My MP3 player wasn’t as fortunate. I found it in pieces under the bed (her favorite place).

That’s the thing with new dogs. You tend to compare them to dogs that you’ve had for ages. Jimmy didn’t know Darryl when he was that age but I do think that Darryl wasn’t as well behaved as Angie is. He certainly barked much much more.

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