Remembering Darryl

Today would have been Darryl’s 16th Birthday. Jimmy and I spent a lot of time today looking at old photos. This one is our favorite. The others made us laugh.

Darryl is at least 5 years old in this picture. He had just gotten his mid summer haircut. He looks so much like a puppy.

This was obviously taken in the winter. Darryl’s hair is long and I’m wearing 2 sweaters. It is amazing that Jimmy was able to snap a picture when Darryl’s tongue was fully extended.

It must have been a very long winter for Darryl’s hair to grow this long. This was taken right before he went to the groomers. Jimmy pointed out that he looks like King Moonracer (from the island of misfit toys).

This picture was taken when Darryl was 10. His eyes are strange but it really does look like he’s laughing.

We miss him very much. He was an amazing dog.


4 thoughts on “Remembering Darryl

  1. I think about him every day. Nothing against Angie (she has already become very special to us too), but Darryl was a rare, one-of-a-kind character of a dog. I really miss my little buddy.


  2. I like the tongue and the pre-grooming photos. I remember you showing me a picture of him with the tongue fully extended and telling me that he was the smallest dog with the biggest tongue in the world. A funny lad.


  3. Oh how sweet he looks. I love the long tongue picture-so funny and how he looked like a puppy. It is so hard when they pass. I miss my Katie and often think of her and miss her so much


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