Devo Color Quiz

The Devo Color Study is being conducted by Devo Inc. for the purpose of leveraging aspects of civilization that appeal to the greater majority (everybody.) Take the Devo Color Study an find out your Devo Color.

My Devo Color is green, but from the graph it looks like it was a toss up between blue and green (my favorite colors).

Warner Brothers and the ad agency Mother LA, have initiated a series of studies to help the band, Devo, determine every decision it makes regarding it’s body covering, it’s brand color, it’s graphic icons and even it’s choice of vocal style and instrumentation on any given song!

I know. You probably think this idea sounds a bit crazy, right? Actually, it’s not at all. In the new spirit of trying to bring the best possible content to a world that seems to be reaching the boiling point, Devo wants to know what you, the harried content consumers, really think. They know that in today’s world people don’t have time to waste. You need to know what you’re getting and get what you want, when you want it!

Devo has remarked that the typical artist feels special because he or she invents his own world and sticks to it, all outside opinions be damned! Instead the band feels it’s much more special to actually listen to others’ ideas and feelings and take them into account. It’s a brave new attitude that I commend them for.

Devo Color Study

I was going to include a video but Devo has removed the embed function from all their videos…

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