Pictriev is a search engine to find similar faces on the web using face recognition.

This was my first attempt. Pictriev was 95% positive that I was female, my approximate age was 50. The only match greater than 75% was…

Greg Kinnear. I have never seen a resemblance. I tried it again cropping the photo to only my face. It still gave an approximate age of 50. The probability I was female dropped to 89%, the resemblance to Greg Kinnear dropped from 78% to 66%, but my resemblance to Brad Pitt rose to 86%.

Is it just me, or does this search engine have a long way to go before getting out of Beta testing?


2 thoughts on “Pictriev

  1. Said I was 100% female, 28 years old, and look most like Juliette Binoche and Courtney Thorne-Smith. I also look 13% like the guy who played Greg Brady. Go figure.


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