Some Books Have Outlived Their Usefullness

I have not found anything this out of date while I’m weeding. But I’m not in charge of the childrens’s section. 12 Public or School libraries across the US still have this book in their collection. I did just weed (and ask for a replacement) for a guide to growing bonsai from 1983. After 62 checkouts, the cover was pretty much falling off. Amazingly the book is still in print but I requested a book with similar information minus the mullet haircuts. The link includes lots of scanned photos from this book…

via Awful Library Books


One thought on “Some Books Have Outlived Their Usefullness

  1. Hey,it's a Lerner book! I used to work there, but even this book is before my time. I don't even remember seeing it in the archives there.


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