Little Darryl Stubblefield

This is the last picture I took of Darryl. He was an amazing dog.

He was his normal, puppy acting 15 year old self until he had a massive stroke this morning. He was cuddled up to me listening to Jimmy talk when it happened. He died on my lap on the way to the vet.

He had a bad heart and stomach problems. We thought he didn’t have long to live years ago. Then we thought he just might make it for another couple of years.

My parents (his grandparents who he always stayed with when we went out of town) were with us.

Darryl really hated being alone. He also hated going to the vet. He liked listening to us talk, cuddling and riding in cars.

One thought on “Little Darryl Stubblefield

  1. Donna: I am so sorry that you lost Darryl. I remember when you got him and the committment you showed in getting him acclimated and trained.

    I'm glad you were with him when it happened, and he was doing what he liked to do.



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