Ben Huh’s Media Empire


This is Photobomb – special pictures ruined by an offensive intruder
140pedia – everything you want to know in 140 characters or less
Rolfrazzi – LOL celebraties
Once Upon A Win – nostalgia (anything before 2000 counts)
Epicute – cute food
Fail Dogs – dog pictures
My First Fail – baby pictures
Picture Is Unrelated – WTF pictures
Ask A Urinal – Wisdom frombathroom walls
Tofulator – captioned videos
There I fixed it – epic kludges in home ownership

Ben Huh’s company, Pet Holdings, made seven figures from advertising, licensing fees and merchandise sales during the first six months of this year. 20 staff members sift through the 10,000 photos and videos that users submit each day. If something is funny but is a questionable fit for an existing site, they just start a new one.


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