50 Authentic American Experiences

No matter how much we crave it, authenticity is hard to come by in this country. We don’t get it from our wide-stanced politicians, we don’t get it from our lip-synching pop stars, and we rarely get it during our travel experiences.

The problem is that so many of the famous destinations listed in guidebooks don’t have anything to do with the local culture or the people who actually live there. So, maybe it’s time to leave the well-worn tourist traps behind and seek out a little more genuineness on your next trip. Authentic America is out there.

Time magazine has 50 picks – one authentic experience for each state.

Minnesota’s is located just 1.4 miles from my house and only blocks from both my neurologist’s and oncologist’s offices and from where I had radiation, chemo and physical therapy last summer and fall. I’ve never been inside.

We’re going to Las Vegas in October for Jimmy’s birthday, so I thought I’d check what the authentic experience in Nevada is. For $50 you can rent a Uzi, M16, or AK-47 for target practice at the Gun Store.

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