Moveable Feasts

Since Independence Day occurs over a weekend this year, some of us will get a “bonus” weekday (this coming Friday or Monday) off work. But regardless of when it’s celebrated, U.S. Independence Day always occurs on July 4. Some holidays and observances, however, are held on different dates in different years. Here are 13 of the most famous events that appear on American calendars: Can you match each of them to its correct day?

the quiz

I only got 69% correct.

Since I work Fridays (the official holiday) but not Saturdays (the day the library is closed for the holiday), I get time and 1/2 for Friday and 4.1 hours of deferred holiday time to use as vacation later in the year. In normal circumstances, they’d make me take 4.1 hours off Friday but we’re understaffed and really busy. It still doesn’t make sense that full time people get 8 hours of holiday time but half time people get 4.1 hours of holiday time…


2 thoughts on “Moveable Feasts

  1. I also got 100%. Much like Emily W, I guessed right on the last 4 of which I was unsure. Daylight savings begins in March now? Guess I forgot.


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