Medical Update

I was scheduled to spend 2 1/2 hours in this machine getting MRIs of my brain, neck and upper back (with and without contrast) today and I was out of there in less than 2. I only had to redo the 2nd to last one!

Luckily, I actually enjoy small closed in spaces and am smaller than the average person. The smallest size gown and pants they carry is L so I had to roll up the legs and sleeves. Each scan takes between 1 – 6 minutes, and there were a lot of them. Unfortunately, it’s very very loud, you can’t move during each scan, and during the neck portion you can’t swallow. You can hear some MRI sample sounds here. ( via Califaudio and contrary to what the site says, it works in firefox.). Fortunately, Jimmy and I spent some time last night picking out good CDs for background music.

I saw my neurologist last week, which I failed to blog about. I passed my balance test for the first time since they started testing me in 1999. But… my left hand is a bit clumsy, my left eye twitches when I look to the left, my right ankle jerk is missing, miscellaneous weakness, sensory loss and lack of pinprick sensation, carpal tunnel, headaches, spasticity… The eye twitch & carpal tunnel are new since I last saw Dr. Sethna in December. The missing ankle jerk might be a result of being hit by a fleeing vehicle. I haven’t had that tested in years and I haven’t had my head and neck scanned since 2001, so it was overdue.

I have an appointment Friday afternoon and will get to see pictures. I start physical therapy next Monday.


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