The Dr. Seuss Quiz

Calling all _flossy-sleuths who have a thing for Dr. Seuss! Think you know your Floob-Boober-Bab-Boober-Bubs from your Ham-ikka-Schnim-ikka-Schnam-ikka-Schnopp? Try this here Seussian quiz and see if you come out on top.

I only got 50%, but I do know where to find the Dr. Seuss books at Walker Library. Most are in children’s nonfiction PZ8.3.G276….

A common complaint is that we don’t have any Dr. Seuss books. I think that it’s very reasonable for a parent to think that Dr. Seuss books would be shelved with the picture books under the author Seuss. The Library of Congress disagrees. They are Nursery Rhymes and Tales (PZ8.3). G276 is the Cutter Number for Theodor Seuss Geisel.

5 thoughts on “The Dr. Seuss Quiz

  1. Amazing! I actually got 9 out of 10 just by guessing. I think I only really knew 2 or 3 of them. Why couldn’t I guess that well back in my school days?


  2. That’s dumb about the cataloging. They could always catalog it as anything they wanted in your library system. Perhaps it makes more sense in a public library to put it with the fiction by author, whereas in a university with literature department it can do with the regular LC. Or maybe use a dummy volume – ha ha. Although this also causes me to wonder why we assume anything with an LC classification is non-fiction. Is that really true? I need to research this.


  3. Okay, I talked to my cataloger. She confirmed that 1) anything with an LC call number does not assume non-fiction, and 2) that MPLIB – or however does the cataloging these days – should consider doing that differently 🙂


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