My daughter and I made this PEZ Menorah for a menorah-making contest they were holding at our synagogue. We wanted something kid-related, so we were thinking of candy for our theme. My daughter has a PEZ dispenser collection, and she loves the candy…
Laura’s entry to LifeHackers DIY Holiday Contest

Have a blast celebrating the festival of
lights all while keeping your wine nice
and fresh for that party later! Menorah
acts as a cork and fits secure into any
sturdy bottle. Safe and sturdy menorah
is perfect for 8 nights of fun!! Candles
not included. Measures about 11”x3.5”
Regular $15 SALE $4.99 at Fred Flare

Bold patina flames seem to flicker and rise from the base of this stunning menorah designed by artist Paul Jeffries. Bronze. 15-1/2″t x 17″w x 4-3/4″d.
$1800.00 ($1620.00 for Jewish Museum Members)

link via Neatorama


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