Its A Good Thing, I Didn’t Go Back To Work Today

My leg started buckling around 3:30. I might have been able to work until 5:00. My scheduled Tuesdays end at 8:15. I figured out last Friday that I wouldn’t be able to work a full day yet and got my leave extended until December 9th. I am getting better every day, just not as quickly as I hoped. I do have a lot to recover from.

I’m now reminded daily that I have no balance.
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The head of rehab at Piper recommended the LiveWell Fitness Rehabilitation Program at The Institute for Health and Healing. I had just read an article about Wii Fit being used for MS rehabilitation, so I brought it up. My Rehab is Wii Fit for balance and to increase my stamina and left handed tennis and pitching to help prevent lymphodemia. . The LiveWell Program would cost $390.

My Wii Fit Age ranges from 43 to 74. I got the 43 just because I have a fast normal walk pace. My mom, Carole came over today. Her Wii Fit Age is the same as her real age and she hadn’t even figured out the whole video game aspect yet.


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