I’m done with radiation!


9 thoughts on “I’m done with radiation!

  1. Congratulations!Notice one of the signatures says“Jenica”. What the hell kind of name is that? Either you’re Jennifer or Jessica. Pick one!Ehh…What are you gonna do?


  2. Way to go, Donna! So glad this day has finally arrived. Congratulations!P.S. That “Nancy” on there looks an awful lot like my signature. Maybe she’s my clone, or I’m hers? Anyway, we both endorse what you accomplished.


  3. Hey Kid! As a special reward for endulging us all by working on this blog so we know what is going on – we will NOT make you write an essay on “what you did on your summer vacation!” Is that cartoon on the bottom a feisty strawberry or a soggy tomato?Love ya kid – very happy you are done!


  4. Donna, When I think of the way you conducted yourself through this painful experience, the only word I can think to use is grace. You have behaved so gracefully, it makes me feel ashamed of those who complain bitterly about things that are really of no importance at all. You’ve taught me a lot about how people can persevere through what for some would be devestating odeals, with humor and time for your friends. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with me, you’ve taught me lessons I will never forget. Jim


  5. Bitchin!!! Congratulations Donna you are one incredibly tough woman and I totally agree with James that your ordeal is an inspiration to me and I sure to all your friends and family keep getting better Your Friend James N


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