I’m 2/3rds Done With Radiation

22 down, only 11 to go. The therapists told me, Friday that I’m their best breather. I always match my target on my first test breath hold and I’m the first person who’s been able to consistently hold their breath at target for up to 30 seconds without using googles.

Trilogy has a special X-ray imager and an optical guidance system with infrared cameras. Everything’s calibrated to minimize radiation to my heart and lungs. It automatically turns off the radiation if I stop holding my breath at target. That happened to me once. I had to do another test breath hold, they had to enter some stuff in the computer and then I got the rest of the dose. It was irritating. I just want to get in and out of there as soon as possible, but it’s always nice to be complemented.

I’m going to have a pretty bad radiation burn when this is over. It’s like a sun burn. I’ve already gone from pink to red and I’ve blistered from the sun before, so I’m somewhat concerned. I’ve started a couple of nerve flossing exercises for my left arm. I do them 4 times a day. It takes less than a minute. Besides that, I’m trying to follow orders: use that arm as little as possible, wear the compression sleeve, limit walking, etc…

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