This Made Me Feel Old

AARP Presents
Feels Like the First Time Tour with Foreigner
. Enter to win an autographed Mick Jones Les Paul Gibson guitar in Hawaii. Blow everyone away with your electrifying air guitar performance and you’re on your way to Win Mick Jones’ Guitar!

I saw this in the entertainment section of this months AARP-The Magazine. Foreigner was one of my favorite albums the summer after 9th grade. After that they had one good song. It’d be a much better contest if they you had to be a member to enter. Unfortunately, it’s open to anyone age 18 or older. Submitted Videos

The earliest video of my favorite Foreigner song… It’s worth seeing for about 15 seconds. Blinkx is a really great video search engine.
Online Videos by


2 thoughts on “This Made Me Feel Old

  1. Thank you so much for posting Long, Long Way From Home. It is one of my favorite songs of all time, though I don't have a recording of it. I really like the energy and sound of it. I tried to see Foreigner at Ribfest one year, but got there too late & they were done.Sue


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