Risk of Lymphedema

I saw the physical therapist yesterday. I have some swelling in my upper arm and I’ve lost some range of motion. Since cancer was also found in my armpit (1 node out of the 17 removed) it’s essential that I’m able to cross my arms above my head to fit into that custom body mold for radiation.

So, until I’m done with radiation (October 20th if everything goes well) I can’t lift anything with my left arm and should refrain from using it as much as possible. I can’t walk for more than 7 minutes (she said 5 but I talked her into 7). I’m limited to a few select exercises for a couple of minutes 2ce per week. And I have to wear a compression sleeve, which is slightly uncomfortable and very unattractive.

There is such a small chance of this happening, but if I need to attend a formal event custom sleeve covers are available.


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