2 Down 31 To Go

I’m having image-guided radiation therapy and this is the actual machine. They offered to take a picture with me under it but I declined. I position myself in my custom body mold, and put on my goggles. I have stickers, small tattoos, and markings. A small box is placed on my belly. The bed is positioned so that lasers hit the small tattooed dots. The machine is wheeled over. I now see a box. The bottom 2/3 is white then it’s blue then purple. There’s a yellow line that goes up when I breath in and down when I breath out. They look at the 3-d representations on their screens and 2 techs come back in and slightly shift me around while the guy at the computer screen gives instructions. Then I have to hold my breath for 10 seconds. More little adjustments are entered into the computer. Then I have to hold my breath at the same level for 15 seconds. The machine shuts off if the yellow line falls into a different color, in case you sneeze or something. Then they move the machine to hit where the other cancer use to be and the process is repeated. It takes about 15 minutes from the time I park my car until the time I drive away. And it’s less than 2 miles from home.


3 thoughts on “2 Down 31 To Go

  1. Looks like a giant sewing machine. Sorry I haven’t been in touch the back to school and football thing has had me running. A good friend of mine also became eclampsic just yesterday and almost died of a brain bleeding. It sounds now as if she won’t have brain damage but she doesn’t even know she’s had a son yet. It has been a crazy ride lately. Hope you aren’t feeling too tired or uncomfortable.


  2. It’s amazing all the new treatments for breast cancer. It’s only been a couple of years since the chemo I was on was found better than the old stuff and it’s only been a couple of years that these machines have been around. It is pretty sci-fi.


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