What Male Caucasians Play

more graph humor and song chart memes

I’ve loved this song since ninth grade. OK, I’m the only person I know who loved ninth grade. The best parts of the video are the shots of people dancing.

I only got 60% right on the Billboard Number One Hits of 1976 quiz


8 thoughts on “What Male Caucasians Play

  1. If I only had a nickel for the number of times when we were growing up that Jimmy asked me things like “Bet you don’t know the top 5 songs of 1976,” I’d have quite the treasure chest now. So no surprise he got 9 out of 10. I got a sad 1 out of 10, so the knowledge didn’t rub off on me. The new design looks good, Donna!


  2. I should have done better, I listened to American Top 40 religiously. I even missed one that I remember buying the 45 of. I’m blaming that on chemo-brain.


  3. Hi Donna:I like the new look! Um, was that the Captain and Tennille dancing? Was that the Grammys? A simpler weirder time indeed. I only got 40 percent. Popular culture can go to heck.


  4. I only answered three questions correctly on the Billboard quiz, and truthfully a couple of them were guesses. Back then I couldn’t hear the music over Jimmy’s and Colleen’s “discussions”! Is that a valid excuse??


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