Radiology Simulation

I had my radiology simulation yesterday. A few thousand rads of ionizing radiation will be sent my left breast and armpit over a period of 7 weeks. A normal mammogram is 0.1 – .2 rads. So, it’s very important that they be as precise as possible.

First- I had to lie down on my back. with my arms crossed above my head. on cushion that felt like a bean bag chair, and not move for a couple of minutes.The resulting mold is very comfortable.

Next – A small dot was permanently tattooed on each side of my body for positioning. Lasers were involved.

Then I went for my CT scan. I’ve never had a CT scan before. The list of medical procedures I haven’t had is becoming shorter and shorter… The CT scan is used to generate three – dimensional representations of my breast which are analyzed to figure out the angle to get the tumor and as little of my lung and heart as possible. They do two CT scans. One is normal breathing. The other is controlled breath holding with a box on the belly. Lots of measurements are taken, Sharpie marks and stickers which are suppose to stay on for a week are put on my belly and chest…

The radiologist called today. I’ll be having controlled breath holding radiation. I won’t start until Thursday September 4th. Only one room is used for controlled breath holding and it isn’t available until then. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep the stickers on.


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