Yearbook Yourself

I had a lot of fun last night spending hours making this collage. It kept me from thinking up horrible scenarios for next day’s doctor visit.

It’s a strange site. A yearbook floats in and the pages slowly flip. And then… the choice to upload your photo and see yourself with classic hairdos and outfits throughout the decades!

So you pick a gender, upload and align a photo, pick a mall you get a year book page with a random photo, a fashion tip and links to stores from the mall directory (Cherry Creek Mall is in Denver). Knee-high go-go boots were groovy in ’66. Today’s girls favor a more petite ankle-high boot. Get your pair at Steve Madden – Urban Outfitters – Nordstrom.

Yearbook Yourself

2 thoughts on “Yearbook Yourself

  1. You look fabulous and natural in 1982! Okay, not really. You have an adam’s apple in 1986, but actually you look pretty good in 1968. Please don’t ever have hair in real life like 1956. I’ll also assume that you won’t ever do 1978 or 1980, among others…


  2. The adam’s apple is very strange. It’s got to be a program glitch. Otherwise all the pictures from that mall would have adam’s apples. Or, maybe 1985/86 was a big year for sex changes in Denver.


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