Treatment Plan – I start chemo Friday

I will be having 4 cycles of TC (taxotere cytoxen), every 3 weeks (4 if my blood counts aren’t back to normal at week 3). After that I will be having 6 weeks of radiation 5 days a week. Then I’ll be taking anti-hormone pills for 5 years. My cancer was completely removed but there is still a chance that there are microscopic cancer cells left behind.

Cytoxen is also used for MS. Recent research concludes that Taxotere®/Cytoxan® is better than the old standard for treating breast cancer with 1-4 positive nodes.

Side effects

I will lose my hair but probably not my eyebrows or eyelashes. I have an Rx for a wig. My hair will grow back, probably curly.
I will be at risk of infection, but not as high as normal for this treatment since I have an overactive immune system.

If my level of fatigue increases I can increase my dosage of Provigil.

I might get severe headaches.

Significant nausea and vomiting is rare.

In rare cases, fingernails fall off. They usually grow back.

Thursday I’ll be attending chemo class to learn more and how to minimize side effects. I work until 8:15 on Thursday and from 9:15 to 12:15 on Friday. Then chemo. I’ll probably crash all weekend.


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