Tuneglue is really fun

I so wish you had more music like Rancid.” Rancid? Never heard of them? Not to worry – tuneglue can keep you in the loop, and maybe even one step ahead of the music curve. Introducing tuneglue, a web-based music “relationship explorer.” Enter the name of an artist or band, click on the target and Expand button, and tuneglue supplies suggested “listen-alikes.” Listeners who like Rancid will also like Anti-Flag, NOFX and Pennywise, according to tuneglue. At least one Rancid fan I know agreed with the suggestions. Clicking on the Releases button pops up a list of albums by that performer. And it isn’t just for rockers. Suggestions are available for musicians as diverse as Ravi Shankar (Tabla Beat Science, Zakir Hussain), John Philip Sousa (John Williams, United States Marine Band) and The Jonas Brothers (Aly & AJ, Hannah Montana). Dodie Ownes – School Library Journal


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