"How is Donna doing?"

People that know about this blog ask Jimmy that, so I guess I haven’t answered that question here. The last line of my first posting was “Caring tributes scare me. I hate blogging. But if you email me questions I’ll try to add info here.” No one has emailed me to ask but I figure since there’s more than one person asking Jimmy I’ll pretend. I’m assuming that people are primarily concerned about my emotional well-being so…

I’m fine.

I got stuck here. I really thought about how having breast cancer was affecting my emotions . There were a couple of days when I’d have sudden anxiety attacks and puke but I haven’t felt any anxiety in weeks. I’m annoyed. Life is going to suck more than it usually does for the next ? months. I really wanted to go to Alaska and see whales this summer. But I finally saw John Prine so sometime, somewhere I will see whales.

The Kubler-Ross stages of grief came to mind so I had to look it up, even though it really doesn’t apply.

FOUR THEMES OF MAN – a story from when I was 15

I took strange electives in high school. I knew I was going to college but I also believed that there was no such thing as a permanent record. So instead of American Lit, I took Four Themes of Man so I could hang out with my friends. Death, Aging, War and Love. Those are the four themes, my friends were Joni and Kathy.

I learned about Kubler-Ross and wrote a paper about my still favorite John Prine song. I stopped going to class 2 days after we started reading Johnny Got His Gun and, unfortunately, missed the Love unit.

Decided to find a picture from 10th grade to put here and got distracted… but here it is. Me and Joni age 15 trying to look cool.


One thought on “"How is Donna doing?"

  1. Hi Donna…not sophisticated yet on this stuff…but since your hubby “tuned” my piano about a month ago, and filled me in on your status….I somehow feel an attachment. First off, you are “female”, second: you have/had breast cancer, third: radiation…a fun time being beamed by Scottie to another “beyond”. I hope this comment finds you off the stuff, whatever, and going for normalcy. Whatever that is! I am in the throes of radiation, three more days left, then check in with oncologist and go over the “drugs’ for the next few (five” years. I am so totally against those meds…as they make me another person….maybe I will take up smoking and drinking again….femara made me crazy for two weeks….another drug will be experimented with. Whatever…aching joints and swelling don’t fit my active lifestlye. Am wondering what you are on, as you must have a medley of meds being you have other medical problems…yes, thanks to medical insurance….it’s possible.Anyway, just thought I would check in. My email address is slick_55445@yahoo.com and my facebook name is Kaye Berres Hlusak…would love to contact you more for actually a selfish reason, my future challenges. Thanks…and say hi to your hubby for me….you married a very nice guy. Kaye Hlusak


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