You can kill two birds with one stone!

I first heard this from my neurologist but all of the oncologists at yesterdays weekly consult at North Memorial Hope Chest Breast Center agree. Not only does chemo cure cancer but it is far more effective than weekly shots of cells from Chinese Hamster Ovaries in preventing future MS attacks. And there’s a good chance that fatigue will no longer rule my life.

The new treatment plan.

I’ll be having surgery in a couple of weeks to remove more lymph nodes. I was hoping I’d never see my surgeon again, but I trust him. It’s very similar to my last operation except I won’t have to spend hours having radioactive material injected and wires inserted. Outpatient surgery will last approximately one hour and recovery should be the same.

Then surgery to insert a port underneath my collarbone, chemo in cycles for 3-6 months, and then surgery to remove the port

So my hair will probably fall out and I’ll probably puke a lot and who knows what else.


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